“Living Above the Water” invites you to explore collectible design that has been made while thinking about a more sustainable future. It is nothing new that designers are blamed for creating beautiful objects and encouraging people to buy new things and thereby contributing to global warming. The global sea level has risen about 21–24 cm… Continue reading Lithuania


In the quest for humanity’s successful coexistence on this planet, design has an essential role; it must widen its presence and application. The prerequisite of design is to responsibly bring a vision of the future to today’s world. In the past decades, the tendency has been to use rare and expensive materials, making good design… Continue reading Latvia


“When the end of the world comes, I’ll go to Vienna. Everything happens ten years later there.” There might be a kernel of truth to this shot of vitriol the writer Karl Kraus is said to have fired against the backwardness of his home of many years, Vienna. Could it be that the veil of… Continue reading Austria


The new generation in the Norwegian design field is characterized by a change of pace. Scandinavian heritage has been a great source of inspiration for designers in Norway. Quality, functionality, and a toned-down minimalistic expression have left their mark on products. Over time, sustainability and climate challenges have influenced what is designed and developed. At… Continue reading Norway


Often the ordinary and visible present becomes vague and forgotten. Analogue experiences have boiled down to a minimum during the last years. We are currently in a situation where much of our regular rhythm was interrupted, the everyday was frozen and almost disappeared for a while. It became particularly evident how the environment we are… Continue reading Estonia


We’re connected worldwide. Not only in positive ways through the Internet or social media, but also in more disturbing situations, such as the pandemic or climate change. What happens on the other side of the world can impact us. To tackle these global challenges, and come up with innovative answers, we need to join hands.… Continue reading Belgium

The Netherlands

In a future that is more systemised, organised, and modular we search for objects that disrupt our daily lives. Looking to feel human again, we want to introduce functional items into our lives that don’t just serve a functional purpose but bring texture and meaning to our life. This collection features objects that fight against… Continue reading The Netherlands


Swedish Design, and more broadly Scandinavian Design, has historically been known for its minimalism. Think of Gunnar Nylund’s highly polished ceramics with their simple forms, Greta Magnusson-Grossman’s delicate metal lamps, or Axel Einar Hjorth’s naked wooden chairs and tables. The new wave of Swedish designers, taking cues from larger trends in Europe and abroad, have… Continue reading Sweden